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Head Office NC Shibaura Building, 4-6-14, Shibaura,
Minatoku, Tokyo, 108-8560
TEL +81-3-3452-1026 (International Sales & Marketing Division)


Established August 5, 1948
Representative Chairman & President / Amiya Katsuhiko
Number of
1,249 (As of the end of March, 2020 - entire group)
Company History > August, 1948
Separated from the Tetsudo Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. (now the Nippon Densetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.) Kawashima Factory, located in Shimodate City, Ibaraki Prefecture, and began operations primarily as a manufacturer and seller of concrete troughs for protecting underground cables. Headquarters: Owada-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

> September, 1951
Invented “NC-Type” steel wire Concrete Pole.

> August, 1954 to July, 1969
Offered, free of charge, concrete pole manufacturing technologies to nationwide power company associated companies (NC group)

> 1957―1959
JIS standard was authorized to Kawashima & Suzuka Factory for Pole & Pile production

> October, 1967
Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

> June, 2000
ISO9001 registration for overall quality control concerned with design, development, and manufacturing of poles, piles, and precast products for underground usage.

> August, 2008
Started Eco-Business, a recycling

> April, 2013
Start business partnership with PT WIJAYA KARYA BETON Tbk.

> May, 2015
Established NC & MAGA Co., Ltd. (now the NIPPON CONCRETE (Myanmar) Co., Ltd.) in Myanmar for both poles and piles production and its sales.

> October, 2016
ISO14001 registration for overall environmental management system concerned with design, development, products supply and construction of poles, piles, and concrete block.

> June, 2017
Established GENERAL NIPPON CONCRETE INDUSTRIES LIMITED in Thailand for spun piles production and its sales.

> June, 2018
Agreed on the Memorandum of Understanding with Japanese and Vietnamese partners for pre cast concrete products.