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Concrete sludge recycling system

Concrete Sludge Recycling System

We produce PAdeCS® (environmental remediation agent), ASTICON® (sorbent for arsenic) and calcium carbonate (Eco Tankaru, CaCO3), using waste concrete sludge generated during the manufacture of secondary concrete products (precast concrete) as a raw material.

Overall production process of these products can achieve waste reduction and simultaneous CO2 emission reduction in our plant. CO2 in exhaust gas from boiler for concrete poles curing can be directly used to produce Eco Tankaru (CaCO3). 440 kg of CO2 can be fixed in 1 tonne of the Eco Tankaru. This process can be recognized as a CCU (carbon dioxide capture and utilization) process.

Concrete pole recycling system

Concrete Pole Recycling System

We collect, recover, and recycle the concrete poles we produce, as part of our business responsibility as manufacturer of utility poles (concrete poles). For the recovered waste concrete poles (industrial waste), the concrete part is crushed and reused as road base and recycled aggregate, and the rebar part is reused as scrap iron/steel.